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 Welcome to Edmonton's Renovation and Construction blog. Whether you are a home owner with some questions, a construction manager for an Edmonton builder or a contractor working as an  renovation companies in Edmonton.  We hope to bring you insight and under standing into how each other see their construction and renovation projects. We hope to foster a partnership that brings home owners and contractors together on the bases of trust, cooperation and understanding.

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 Our Goal

Our Goal is to bring  together and  nurture understanding between home owners and Edmonton construction and Edmonton renovation companies through discussion of residential construction projects. We hope to bring understanding to where there is ignorance, comfort to where there is fear, and trust where there is mistrust. If we can have a little fun along the way all the better. If you would like to comment on any thing at all send us a note at. info@edmontonsrenovationandconstructionblog.ca or go to our contact page.

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Edmonton Construction is taking off again

Edmonton renovation and Edmonton construction is taking off again. We hope to help Edmontonians to under stand construction enough that they can hire a contractor and work side by side with them to get the results that they want. Look through our article and learn what you need. If you have a specific question please contact us and ask. We will do our best to respond to your questions as soon as we can.

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Handyman Corner

Handyman corner is a section of the web page were Edmonton construction companies discuss the technical aspect of construction. Other words the "how to" discussion.

Working With a Contractor 

Working with a contractor is a section of the the web page that discusses relationships with your contractor or builder. This area will be relevant to those that are building new homes or having  renovation done.

 Construction Picture Gallery 

We have started to post some of the things that we see everyday on the construction sites in Edmonton. Some are funny and some you just have to shake your head.

A Little Construction Humour 

A little construction Humour is the area that we have decided to tell a local renovation and construction joke or two.These are submitted by Edmonton construction, Edmonton renovations, Edmonton construction related companies and Edmontonians.

Friends of this site

Friends of this site a list of Edmonton renovation and Edmonton construction companies that have contributed to this web site and show professional attitudes and a genuine concern for their customers.

Contractor and Builder Referrals

If you would like to recommend, refer or add a testimonial for a Edmonton renovation or Edmonton construction company.or read what others say about a company take a look at this page.  We hope to help home owners and contractors find each other.

We reserve the right of refusal to any company or contractor that is not in our opinion a reputable company or does not up hold good ethics in our opinion. We will not publish anything that is in our opinion inappropriate or offensive.

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Professionals in the Construction

We are now looking for professionals in the construction industry to contribute to the articles on this site. Please contact us

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